Saturday, November 3, 2012

Things I Want to do and Learn

Things I want to do and learn

People often say, "Wow midwifery takes up so much of your time!"

While they are right and much of my other time is filled with wife and motherhood duties I have and insatiable thirst for knowledge. Below you will find a list that shows you a little for the type of person I am and some of what I still have to accomplish in my life time.
  •   Knitting- I want to make sweet little hats while I am waiting for spirits to enter the world.
  • Quilting- The only quilts I have ever made have been for my babies and they took so much time and effort. I love looking at quilted art like this: birthquilt2
  • Gardening- Yes I do this already but I don't do it well thank heavens my family does not need to survive on what little I am able to grow. I really want a green house.

  • Chickens-  I LOVE CHICKENS!!  We have had over two dozen chickens in our time and they have all died. Mostly due to  racoons. :( 

  • Cheese making- I love cheese!

  • Bread making- I can make a decent loaf of 50% whole wheat bread but I need to get better.

  • Sign language- I took a few semesters in college and I used sign with my babies but I would love to be fluent.

  • Enjoying the arts-dance,music,plays- If I had my choice and unlimited money I would attend an art event every week. I am so fortunate to live near great venues such as Tuachan and the Shakespearean Festival.

  • Playing guitar- I played in my youth but I have lost so much. I would love to work more on composing.

  • Playing piano- My daughter is learning and I would love to learn as well. My parents made the mistake of only letting me take lessons from my Grandmother's as a child so I never got past reading top hand.

  • Hiking- I still hike regularly but I would love to some some major hiking some day like walk the Appalacian Trail from start to finish.

  • Camping- We do this as much as we can as a family. My goal is to ultimately camp in every National Park in the USA.

  • Fishing- I love to fish and someday I want to go deep sea fishing.

  • Archery- This has been on my to-do list far before anyone wrote about Katniss Everdeen. I have had a beautiful Mongolian Horse bow for a few years but I need someone to teach me how to use it.

  • Service- I do this too but some day I hope to do service in other ways than only midwifery.

  • Swimming- I did swim team in high school and I would love to get to the place where I swim regularly again. I really want one of those swim in place pools in my back yard buy my husband finds them silly.

  • Reading classics- I would love to read every book on this list.

  • History of names- I find the origin of names incredibly fascinating.

  • Local government- Yes I yearn to serve in local government. I hope to find a position that can handle my on call life style. Mayor Dy has a good ring to it don't you think?

  • Fencing- Yes the kind where you hit people with swords. My husband is pretty involved with the SCA

  • Geocashing- My family does some of this but we would like to do it more. A lot of fun.

  • Writing poems- Yep, I write poetry. I think I inherited it from my lovely Grandmother who writes a personalized poem for every birthday in each of her 6 children and 28 grandchildren's birthday card.

  • Writing children's books- I have so many ideas for these it is ridiculous.

  • Boxing- Yes I know it is gory but it is so much fun.

  • Get my PHD- Because I love education and it would be fun to be a doctor who is also a midwife. 

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