Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Siblings Memory of Birth 3 Years Later

 All three of my older children ages 6,4 and 2 were present at the birth of my last baby 3 years ago. I prepared them with easy discussion about birth and had them watch a few birth videos to be prepared for the fluids and sounds. When the time came I still wanted them there. As typical for my labor pattern he was born mid morning. I wondered what the long term memories would be for my children as they were so young when Oliver was born. I was pleasantly surprised by what memories she had.

This is what my daughter age 6 at the time remembers from the birth written in her own words.

     What I remember about my baby brother Oliver’s birth is waking up when it was still dark, that is very strange for me because I am usually a sleep in late. I crept up stairs to go cuddle with my mom. When I looked in her room she was not there so I went back to bed.
After a few hours I went back up the stairs to see where my parents where. I found them in the bathroom surrounded in people I knew as midwives and doulas such as Ms. Hopper, a friend of my mothers and a mother of one of my many friends who is also midwife and Ms. Janet, a friend of my mothers and a mother of one of my many friends who is also a doula. There was also someone there taking pictures.

     My mother was in the bathtub and she explained that the baby was coming out. She would close her eyes when she felt some pain and then would talk to me and everyone else in the room in between. I was just about as excited as a six year old could be without exploding! I had heard quite a few things about this baby. My third brother, finally coming although I didn't know he was a boy at the time! I mean what could be more exciting than that?!

     As always the birth took forever but I amused myself with drawing a picture of what I hoped my younger sibling would look like. I also came up with a list of names that I liked for the baby. While I did that my other two brothers where busy watching a movie upstairs. When it was actually time for the baby to come out my brothers ran into the room just in time to see my mom and dad catch my baby brother in the bath tub. I couldn't see much because he was born in the water. He cried and cried after they put him on my mom's chest. He was so cute.
Another thing I was excited about was the fact that my mother said I could snip the umbilical cord! After having two brothers I wanted a baby sister but that didn't happen.
     When Oliver finally came out of the tub out we wrapped him in a red towel. I sat on the bed with my mom holding my new brother and watched the midwife do an examination of the baby to make sure he was healthy. I loved watching him nurse he looked so happy.

So sweet and so perfect. I am so glad she got to be there for that special event.

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