Thursday, May 2, 2013

Super Sibling Preparation for Baby Class-Free!

The birth of a new baby is a wonderful and life changing event. This change is not diminished with each additional child you add to your family. I find such joy in watching my children interact and play with each other. We have been fortunate that our children have great relationships and I think they started at birth. Preparing your child for a new addition to the family can make the transition so much smoother.

 I offer a monthly Free Super Sibling Preperation for Baby class every 4th Thursday of the month at 6pm at the St. George Library. The class is aimed at ages 2 1/2-10 but all ages are welcome. Homebirth, birth suite and hospital birth familes are all welcome to attend.  Normal baby behavior, helping with baby care and communication skills will be addressed. The final 15 minutes of class will be for those children who might be present or in the home or hospital when their sibling is born and will cover birth sounds, sights and thoughts. Please feed your child prior to class, we want everyone happy and focused, and bring a baby doll or a stuffed animal to use. I look forward to seeing you there please RSVP to

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